food menu

It’s not all about the beer as we also serve delicious food and bar snacks. Tuck into one of our fantastic stonebaked pizzas which come in a range of flavours, as well as a Vegan option. Or why not try one of our burgers, supplied by Over Farm Market.


  • Fries

  • Skin on Fries

    • 3.50

    BEER MATCH: Try it with our NEIPA (New England IPA)

  • Tubby Dust Fries

    • 4.00

    Tubby Dust is a blend of herbs and spices including smoked paprika, chilli powder and garlic powder BEER MATCH: Try it with our NEIPA (New England IPA)

  • Sweet Potato and Rosemary Fries

    • 4.20

    BEER MATCH: Gloucester Gold – the classic!

  • Pesto Chicken Fries

    • 7.50

    Green pesto tossed fries, chicken breast strips, shaved parmesan. 

  • Pulled Pork Fries

    • 7.50

    Pulled pork, Tubby Tom's BBQ sauce, Redwood smoked cheddar. 

  • Bacon & Cheese Fries

    • 7.50

    Bacon pieces and cheddar. 

  • Vegan Fries

    • 7.50

    Vegan mozzarella, olives, peppers, vegan mayonnaise. 

  • Pizza

  • Mozzarella

    • 9.95

    Pizza classic with mozzarella bambinis, cherry tomatoes and a mix of herbs

    BEER MATCH: Great with our English Craft Lager

  • Pepperoni

    • 14.95

    Sliced pepperoni and jalapeños

    BEER MATCH: Great with our English craft Lager

  • Pesto Chicken

    • 14.95

    Mozzarella, chargrilled pesto chicken, cherry tomatoes and red onion

    BEER MATCH: Session IPA

  • Meat Feast

    • 14.95

    Mozzarella, pepperoni, chorizo, Milano salami, roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes. Choose tomato or BBQ base

    BEER MATCH: Hoppy American Pale

  • Wild Mushroom

    • 12.95

    Mozzarella, woodland mushrooms, red onion and shaved parmesan BEER MATCH: A malty Cascade

  • Vegan

    • 12.95

    Classic tomato base topped with olives, roasted red peppers, red onion, wild mushrooms and Violife vegan cheese

    BEER MATCH: Great with Session Pale – Priory isn’t vegan

  • Garlic Bread

    • 6.95

    6" pizza base, topped with homemade garlic butter (vegan butter also avaliable)

  • Children’s Pizza

    • 5.95

    6” Classic mozzarella or pepperoni pizzas for a smaller appetite

  • Burgers

  • TANK Classic

    • 14.95

    Brioche bun, 6oz DOCKSIDE DARK infused beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, gherkin. 

  • Buffalo

    • 13.95

    Brioche bun, battered chicken fillet, blue cheese, sriracha, rocket. 

  • Pulled Pork

    • 15.95

    Brioche bun, 6oz beef patty, pulled pork, Tubby Tom's BBQ sauce, Redwood smoked cheddar, red onion, lettuce. 

  • Halloumi

    • 11.95

    Brioche bun, three slices of fried halloumi, wild mushrooms, roasted peppers, and sweet chilli sauce 

  • Vegan

    • 13.95

    Vegan brioche bun, vegan patty, Violife vegan mozzarella, vegan mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, black olives. 

  • Bits & Bobs

  • TANK Chicken Salad

    • 8.95

    Succulent chicken breast on a bed of mixed leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, croutons and caesar dressing

Bar Snacks

  • Crisps – Two Farmers – Herefordshire

  • Salted

    • £1.10
  • Salt & Vinegar

    • £1.10
  • Hereford Hop and Onion

    • £1.10
  • Hereford Bullshot

    • £1.10
  • Wild Mushroom and Garlic

    • £1.10
  • Nibbles

  • Salted Peanuts

    • £1.00
  • Tubby Tom Peanuts

    • £1.00